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Update - BC Modular v0.975b

The latest BC Modular news
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Update - BC Modular v0.975b

PostSat Mar 08, 2014 9:23 pm

Latest update v0.975b

30 new modules, updated modules and some exciting new features...

New modules

1Band Parametric EQ
2Band Parametric EQ
3Band Parametric EQ
4Band Parametric EQ
12dB High Shelf EQ
12dB Low Shelf EQ
Add 2PL
Add 3PL
Add 4PL
Constant dB
Constant Freq
Constant Time
Constant Val
Constant Val Bipolar
Control 2 SysEx
DC Offset A
DC Offset B
Multi OSC2 M
Multi OSC2 S
On_Off Switch
Polymoog Resonator_JML
Text Module A
Text Module B
Text Module C

Bug Fixes and New Features

- ScopeSync Max4Live plugin bundle for high resolution parameter control of BC Modular from Ableton Live.
- Added Control Panel connection for better shell integration of Control Panels.
- ADD16T modules have been optimized and now use 15% less DSP than previous versions.
- Pos to Bipolar module wasn't working. Now fixed.
- Multi-Mo module has been updated to handle output of System Common and Real-Time Messages.
- MIDI Clock module has been updated to output MIDI Start, Stop and Continue messages.


Full BC Modular package - 27.4 MB

New v0.975b Content and Updates only - 4.59 MB



- ScopeSync has been conceived and developed including all Java coding and M4L implementation thanks to my development partners Will Ellis and Jessica Brandt.

- Thanks to everyone on the BC Modular forum for your continued efforts in testing BC Modular, sharing ideas and for your kind words of encouragement.
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Re: Update - BC Modular v0.975b

PostSat Mar 08, 2014 9:24 pm

New Module Information

Parametric EQ Modules - 1 - 4 band parametric EQ's with +/- 12dB Gain, 20-20,000Hz Frequency range and variable Q per band.

Shelving EQ Modules - High Shelf and Low Shelf EQs with +/- 12dB Gain and 20-20,000Hz Frequency range per band.

Add PL Modules - 2, 3 & 4 input polyphonic adder modules with output level control.

ADSR EG - ADSR Envelope Generator with individual slope controls for Attack, Decay and Release.
Each slope can indivually be switched between Exponential and Logarithmic curves.

Constant Modules - Lightweight value modules with fader control and display on module surface.

- Constant Val module with display switchable between 7, 14 and 31-bit values
- Constant Val Bipolar module covers full 32-bit control range
- Constant Time module switchable between seconds and milliseconds
- Constant Freq module can display both Hz and kHz
- Constant dB module can be switched from 0dB range to +12dB or +48dB for connection to amplifier modules
- Each module has outputs for both Sync and Async connectivity
- Quick and easy when you don't require BCM configuration options

Control 2 SysEx - Outputs MIDI System Exclusive messages in response to connected async control.
Strings between 4 - 16 Bytes in length with 2 modes:

- variable mode where you choose the byte to update in response to incoming control.
- trigger mode where a rising edge from zero triggers the string to be output.

DC Offset Modules - Apply a variable DC Offset to any synchronous signal. DC Offset B includes manual level control.

HUI-8F - 14-bit MIDI control module with eight BCM compatible faders. Sends and receives absolute 14bit CC's.
Supports Mackie HUI compatible controllers.

Multi OSC2 - Master and Slave Multi OSC with individual outputs for Pulse, Sawtooth and Triangle waveforms.
Controls for DC Offset of Pulse and Sawtooth and variable sawtooth direction. These modules require amplification.

On_Off Switch - A simple on/off switch for use with synchronous signals.

Polymoog Resonator_JML - Based on the Resonator section of a Moog Polymoog, this module is an optimized
recreation of a BC Modular patch developed by jhulk.

ScopeSync Modules - BCM encoder compatible control panels in 16, 32 and 64 control configurations.
These modules are the first to support ScopeSync for high resolution DAW parameter control of BC Modular.
They also support the new Control Panel feature of the updated BC Modular shells.

More information on ScopeSync can be found on the BC Modular Wiki -

STS Osc E - 3x STS OSC modules in one with a 'chorus' control to detune 2 of the OSCs.

Text Modules - Handy text modules for labelling of sections within a BC Modular patch. 3 different styles are provided.
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Re: Update - BC Modular v0.975b

PostSat Mar 08, 2014 10:47 pm

Excellent !!! Thank you soOOÔ much !

Modulable eq ! Fantastic !
ADSR with individual slope for ADR ! Awesome !

You are irreplaceable.

Is it essential to remove previous install ?


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Re: Update - BC Modular v0.975b

PostSun Mar 09, 2014 12:01 am

no as these modules are not duplicates but new

and they get put in there associated folders
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Re: Update - BC Modular v0.975b

PostSun Mar 09, 2014 12:38 am

JoPo wrote:Is it essential to remove previous install ?

It's not essential, but the directory structure has changed since the previous release which is why the first step in the install instructions was changed to 'Remove previous installation of BC Modular'.

Otherwise you could end up with a lot of duplicate modules if you don't remove the old version. It would still work, but could be a little bit confusing
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Re: Update - BC Modular v0.975b

PostSun Mar 09, 2014 12:57 am

For the sake of existing users to whom it might be an inconvenience to remove the previous install I've added an optional download link in the first post which only contains new & updated content for v0.975b :)


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Re: Update - BC Modular v0.975b

PostSun Mar 09, 2014 12:34 pm

that's great. Looks like some good stuff, can't wait to try them.
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Re: Update - BC Modular v0.975b

PostTue Mar 11, 2014 9:19 pm

Just a quick note to highlight the fact that we intend for the DAW side of ScopeSync (at least) to be Open Source (GPL). We have already published the Max For Live/Java version included with 0.975b on github:

We're going to be releasing the first VST version (equivalent to ScopeSync16) to the beta testing group shortly and hope we'll be able to include one or more VST versions in the next BC Modular release package. Feel free to get in touch with sharc or me if you want to get involved in any way.

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