Blitzar Patch 1 (ScopeSync 0.2.1-beta)

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Blitzar Patch 1 (ScopeSync 0.2.1-beta)

Post by w_ellis » Thu Aug 14, 2014 5:58 am

Just to let you all know that we have a new patch release available here: ... 0.2.1-beta. Full details below, but contains some important bug-fixes to the ScopeSync128A BC Modular Module that remove the need for the Control Ranger workaround in patches.

Release notes

Bug fixes to ScopeSync128A BC Modular Module (including a couple of Known Issues from Blitzar) and added XML Schema Validation support for layout definitions. Includes updated Sliders Demo, taking advantage of these fixes.

Download ... (or clone the repository if you'd like to browse the Source Code). See Installation.rtf for details on how to install ScopeSync

Known Issues
- Load Configuration file browser opens for a second time when called from BC module popup. Just cancel if you've already loaded your configuration.
- Level (dB) controls need to be passed via a Control Ranger module as shown in the Sliders Tutorial patch
- CP ↔ Host support is still experimental at this stage and the panel preset button doesn't receive feedback from the host shell.
- VST3 support is experimental at this stage and has a limited feature set. Note the following specific limitations: and ... anges-vst3

Key feature enhancements
- Added XML Schema (XSD) Validation Support. See Sliders demo (or B-Control layouts) for examples of how to reference this XSD in your layout files. XML validation tested as working in Eclipse and Notepad++.
- Minor tweaks to the layout XML parsing to simplify definition
- More gracefully handle error when stored configuration file not found. Now it displays text in the loader, rather than showing a popup.
- Updated Sliders Demo patch and Paramtypes files to reflect changes to SS128A.

Bug fixes
- Connecting the SS128A output connections directly to Async controls on BC Modular sometimes doesn't pass on values.
- Some parameter values in the SS128A are not stored correctly in Presets.
- Pipe128 Text Highlight misaligned in SS128A.
- Removed ScopeLocal Z from SS128A, to avoid clashes with reserved ScopeLocal connections for BC Modular functionality.
- Fixed some Connection Indicator issues in SS128A.
- Closing ScopeSync GUI window while Configuration File Browser was open caused crash.

- Copies of system XML files now stored outside source code to make it easier to edit before embedding.
- Some improvements to the automated build process

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