Black Dwarf Patch 2 (ScopeSync 0.4.2-beta)

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Black Dwarf Patch 2 (ScopeSync 0.4.2-beta)

Post by w_ellis » Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:38 pm

Mini patch release of ScopeSync with a couple of little tweaks for the PlanetZ launch later this evening.

Bug fixes and minor tweaks following closed beta group testing of Black Dwarf release.

Download the file and run the setup.exe contained inside.

Known Issues
See for issues known about at the time of this release

Key feature enhancements
- Installer checks for Java if Max For Live components installed
- Installer installs Visual C++ Redistributable

Bug fixes
- Crash when widget mapped to missing Parameter
- Extraneous parameter data when updating from Preset

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